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Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcements from our bulletin of September 24, 2017


Brothers and sisters,

Archbishop Thomas Wenski is requesting a second collection to be taken up for victims of Hurricane Ir-ma. He asks that the collection be held the weekend, September 23rd-24th.

Irma affected all the State of Florida along with sev-eral islands in the Caribbean, including the Virgin Is-lands and Cuba.

Thanks for your cooperation.


September 29, 2017 from 8:00pm - 12:00 Media Noche.

Fiesta Palace Banquet Hall,
155 SW 107th Ave., Miami Fl.

Donation $30/Person (lncludes Dinner and Open Bar).


We welcome our new Christians who received the Sacrament of Baptism on September 17 , 2017

  • Mariano Espino-Lopez
  • Luccas Torres
  • Matteo Torres
  • Kevin Fabricio Marquez
  • Eloin Naxiel Gomez


“The more Jesus occupies the center of our lives, the more He allows us to come out of ourselves and brings us closer to others” @Pontifex


  • Thursday:
    7:30am - 12:00pm & 4:00pm - 8:00pm.
  • Saturday:
    8:30am -12:00am & 4:00pm - 7:30pm.
  • Sunday:
    7:30am - 1:30pm & 4:00pm - 8:00pm.