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Infant Baptism Requirements

It is necessary that the celebration of Baptism be properly prepared. Baptism celebrates a family's and community's experience of God's love. Ceremonies are performed in English and Spanish and it is necessary a minimum of two months to complete with all requirements and registration. Please make all the arrangements ahead of time.

Baptisms are every Saturday at 10:00am and Sunday at 1:30pm in Spanish. For English Baptism please contact the parish office for more information. A maximum of five infants are acceptable at the Baptism Celebration. The donation is $70.00 for parishioners registered for at least six month and $85.00 for non-parishioners.

Parents Preparation And Obligations

  • Parents are to choose Catholic godparents who will participate in the Catholic formation of their child.
  • A child is not admitted to baptism without the consent of both parents. At least one of the parents must be a practicing Catholic. In some cases a notarized parental consent may be required. This is determined on an individual basis.
  • Parents should submit the child's Birth Certificate.
  • Parents who live outside our parish boundaries and are not registered in our Church for at least six month: A letter of permission is needed from their church.
  • The age of the child to be baptized is from new born to six year old.

Parents And Godparents Preparation And Obligations

  • Being a godparent is a big responsibility. A godparent serves a special role for the one to be baptized. Godparents are to assist the child's parents in raising their child in the Catholic faith, so that the child may profess and live it as an adult.
  • Church Law (Can.874 #2) stipulates that godparents must be at least sixteen years old and must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Godparents who live outside our parish boundaries and are not registered in our Church for at least six month: A letter of sponsor or sponsor certificate is needed from their church.
  • Two godparents one of each sex are to be chosen.
  • If one of the Godparents cannot be present in person, parents should find a person (proxy) who represents that Godparent.
  • Parents and Godparents need to present a Certificate of a Sacrament in Catholic Church (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Marriage in Catholic Church)
  • Parents and Godparents need to attend a pre-baptism class. You MUST register for this class at the parish office. Classes are held on the first and third Mondays of the month in Spanish and the second Monday of every month in English. All classes start at 7:00pm in the Church. The classes are limited. Please make all the arrangements ahead of time.

Registration For Baptism

The child IS NOT CONSIDERED REGISTERED for baptism until all requirements are fulfilled. When all the requirements are fulfilled, then the date for the baptism will be confirmed. Remember: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure all of the requirements are completed at the stipulated times. Thank you.